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Hello! I'm glad to have found a small group of critter-lovers & enjoyed the photos enough to join. I recently adopted a tiny female Roborovski hamster, and she quickly won my heart over with her sweet personality.

Pixel's other critter siblings include two cats and a tiny fish. I can't seem to surround myself with enough animals. ;) Anyway,I hope to post some photos and a little more about my tiny friend soon. For now, just wanted to introduce ourselves and wave hello. Smiles!

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22 February 2007 @ 04:38 pm
Hammie time is special time - which I thought I should share. It goes like this.
I dip in and out of various forums during the day - just as a quick break and for a change of scene. I do however have hammie time which is the short time I have to myself at the end of the day before jumping in the tub. I use the forums to unwind and catch up with what's happening in the world of little hamsters. Its one of my favourite times of the day, second to only "my first cup of tea that gets delivered whilst I am in bed :-)" bliss! So I'm away now to get home and catch up with the world... c u..
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14 February 2007 @ 05:55 pm
Carmelo says "Happy Valentine's Day!

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04 February 2007 @ 08:02 pm
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The cage I cleaned twenty minutes ago! :) Do you think it's too crowded? What toys do you suggest?

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Carmelo can go up and down the stairs! Don't worry, I watched him carefully!
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02 February 2007 @ 07:57 am
Hey there and thanks for reading :-) I've not done one of these before and thought I'd give it a try. So please bear with me as I find my feet and any guidance you have is always appreciated. An introduction to my hamster experience follows, which I have taken from my profile on HC and amended a little.

When I was little my parents purchased for the family a hamster that we called Fluff. She was probably the best introduction possible to hamsters as she was fun to watch, inquisitive, content and beautiful. She never tried to nip and was happiest when out and about in an evening. With supervision she climbed the stairs and when tired would sleep in your lap, pocket or sleeve. Along came Pickle after that - completely different, very nippy and constantly escaping. Dad had to rescue her from behind the kitchen units once. Dopey (kept walking in to things - hence the name) was next folllowed by Aina and then Aina 2.

I had a long break from looking after hamsters and eventually when my situation allowed snuck a new one in to my life. So Conker arrived in September 05 and has been a joy to have. She likes a snuggle and smooth but doesn't like to sit still too much and would very much like to escape and investigate further a field. When we open her cage door for her to come out - she looks at us and then tries for the table :-) and possible adventure.

She makes us laugh and smile. She has had me in tears too as she has been unwell on and off for a number of months - although touch wood she seems to be a tad better now.

Our latest family member is Fuzee Fi. She came home from a hamster show in August 06 and has grown into a funny little thing. She's very distructive and really doesn't get a number of hamster related things - but then possibly that because she looks like she's decended from a polar bear :-P (she's not white but in certain light she appears to be and is often seen standing just like one).

So that's us arrived then. Now we will see how it goes.
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01 February 2007 @ 10:09 am
Well we managed to raise what money we needed for HC to make the initial web hosting change. Our wonderful web developer known as "Smoo" on the HC forum changed the domain and everything over to the new hosting with Godaddy.com yesterday. As far as we can tell everything is working and showing normally. But we ask that our hamster central users please report any glitches to smoo in "smoo's corner" on the community forum.

We still have some more changes coming to the website. Just minor fixes and some fun little things to spruce up the website just a bit more. So please check back for those changes!
27 January 2007 @ 07:03 pm
Hey everyone! :) I haven't posted in awhile, and Carmelo is doing well. I hope everyone else's hammies are doing well too!

Carmelo has been eating lots of different foods lately and sometimes he's active and hyper and other times he will "cuddle" or sleep on your lap like a cat! It's so cute! I took some pictures 15 minutes ago and some are from a few weeks ago, so here are the pics! :)

So without further a-do...

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27 January 2007 @ 04:55 pm
Some interesting things are going on around hamster central. For one thing we are changing hosting providers with godaddy.com. The hosting is more affordable and thanks to the donators at Hamster Central we were able to afford it. We are waiting for the domain name to transfer to the new host and then we can begin the process of moving everything over. So for anyone visiting the website, you may encounter some down time in the next week while all the transferring takes place.

Some interesting topics have been posted of late in the HC site.. including this one PETA investigations conducted in two PetSmart Stores. discussion on site is under the text link. Pretty interesting work.. the article summary is as follows...

PETA undercover investigations conducted in two PetSmart stores in 2006 and 2007.

Away from public view and off-limits even to many of PetSmart's employees, PetSmart's back rooms hide away the immense suffering of the littlest companion animals.

At the PetSmart store in Manchester, Connecticut, a location that PetSmart boasts of as having an "exceptional pet care record," PETA's undercover investigation documented more than 100 animals—including hamsters, domestic rats, lizards, chinchillas, and birds—who lay hopelessly, just waiting to die, in the store's "Sick Room," deprived of desperately needed veterinary care and wasting away out of customers' sight

I certainly had some things to say about the issue! But moving along to something nicer... I took more pictures of Gwen today. I heard her up drinking from her water bottle and took some time to offer her a few treats. I had her with me on the sofa and she made this funny noise, reminded me allot of a guinea pig lol. I don't usually get to take her out much because she sleep all day and wakes up just as I'm off to bed! maybe she was just expressing a bit of concern, seeing as the cat was near by. Or perhaps she was just in the mood to go back to sleep, hehe.

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In other hammy news.. some of you might recall the thread I started here ion HC called "Possibly the ultimate cage set up I've seen" If not, it was originally about a really nice looking hamster condo a person made from the New York Hamster House (NYHH). I talked to my father in-law about it and he has agreed to build it for me! Of course I need to come up with the cash to afford the project. But I'm super excited. I'm sure it will be a few months before I see this in progress. Guess Ill have to put extra cash into the hammy fund! Ill be working hard!
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21 January 2007 @ 03:32 pm
The way hamsters horde away food is sometimes really cute or really annoying. I found that out today! I was doing some cleaning rounds and focusing on the hamster cages. I started with the dwarf hamsters and when I got to Cupcake's cage I noticed that almost the entire bottom of her cage was covered in food! Perfectly edible food!

I was pretty much scatter feeding her with about a teaspoon of food each night before bed. She would be up and run around around all crazy waiting for it, and would practically crawl up my hand for it. As if she was starving.

Bah, all that food gone to waste. If I vanished for a week she would have been able to survive off of everything she had hidden around her cage!

Gwen's cage got a cleaning, so of course she's rearranging her house and deciding where she wants her nest to be this time around. While I had her out she managed to stuff some extra treats her her pouches and then found some more fresh food when I placed her back in the clean tank. Later that afternoon I happened to notice her secret food stash! I couldn't help but take pictures, it was so cute. Just look how neatly piled she has it in her corner lol

I have to say I like this arrangement. If she keeps it like this I can peek by the corner of the glass tank and see if she really needs more food in her bowl or not lol

20 January 2007 @ 09:11 pm
Its been getting colder and colder lately, especially chilly in the house when the wind picks up, which was the case today. I was worried that Pichu might be a bit cold in his cage. Hes getting older so I want to be extra sure hes comfortable. So I cleaned his cage out today and filled it with about an inch and a half to two inches of aspen shavings. I figure the more he has to burrow in the warmer he will stay. Of course I added additional tissue paper. *grins*

I took some pictures and wanted to share. Pichu had a bit of an interesting photo shoot.

This first picture shows the cleaned cage and the deep bedding. And because the aspen was layered on thick I added a hide-away tunnel for him. He really seemed to like it.

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